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Nakimbugwe Nuliat

Donate $80 for one school term for Winnie and $240 for one year.

FAMILY BACKGROUND:Nuliat Nakimbugwe hopes to find funding to pursue higher education in order to study accounts after she graduates from University. Her dream job is to become Uganda’s Minister of finance in order to work on press for the government funds in her country.

Despite the fact that she is Vulnerable, she is very straight, hard working and a good steward urgent need for help.

  • Date of Birth: 1/7/1994
    Sex: F
    School/Class: Nakinyuguzi High school/S.3
    Status: Sponsored
    Country/Nationality: Ugandan /Uganda
    Mother’s Name/Occupation: Rehama Namuli/Peasant
    Father’s Name/ Occupation: Twaha Kayondo/Break Layer
    Guardian/Occupation: Mother