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Nakanjako Nafula Gloria

Donate $80 for one school term for Winnie and $240 for one year.

FAMILY BACKGROUND:Gloria was born with HIV, her mum passed away when she was 6 years old, the father married another wife in Jinja.Gloria can’t live with her father, and her step mother hates her for her HIV/Aids status. She began looking for small laundry work in people’s homes and bars where she was raped and left pregnant she has a baby (6 months) her name is Nanyonga faith, the father of the baby refused to take care of her after discovering that Gloria was positive.
Besides Gloria being HIV /AIDS positive, she is a jolly girl always smiling and willing to learn more
She is interested in becoming a teacher; she wants to go back to school to achieve her dream and goals. Her dreams are to see faith living a happy life and acquiring education is in dare urgent need for help.

  • Date of Birth: 9.9.1995
    Sex: F
    School/Class: P.6
    Status:  Needy
    Country/Nationality:  Ugandan/Musoga
    Mother’s Name/Occupation: Nangoobi Hadijah (Deceased)
    Father’s Name/ Occupation: Wafula Isaac
    Guardian/Occupation: Mama Africa