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Together me and you, We will provide a healthy residential environment for over 63 former street children from the Kosovo slum in Uganda, with the potential of supporting other Voiceless children from the surrounding .They will be able to thrive and grow as we will be providing education and medical care, life skills and vocational-entrepreneurship training.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

There are over 50 million orphaned or abandoned children in Africa, and in Uganda, as in all of Africa, children make up more than half the population. Many of these children are disillusioned and disenfranchised, yet they also carry great hope. Through three, sub-basic, residential homes and basic educational services, with little to no financial aid or help, Mama Africa helps children as young as one through young adulthood develop their potential so they can lead fulfilling lives. Contributors like you have helped us raise $10,000 for land we have $6000 left with $16000 to achiev this year's goal

How will this project solve this problem?

This project will shelter over 150 former street children. It will include a community medical clinic, psychosocial support and activities such as sports, arts, and a nature club. In addition to academic and vocational programs, Mama Africa provides education and training in entrepreneurship and life skills. It will be a Christian 'home' to many children now and in the future, enabling us to adequately equip the present and future generations for the good of Uganda!
Potential Long Term Impact

Mama Africa is collaborating with individuals, friends, organizations, churches, the private sector and universities to develop effective, sustainable models for the care and education of street-dwelling children so they can be healthy, productive members of their communities.
Project Message

The list of what Mama Africa has done for me is endless, but to name a few...I have been able to unleash my full potential; it has given me the full view of cooperation and peace."i see my Future now
- Robert Mugabe, Beneficiary

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