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First Name: Jovia
Gender: Girl
Born: 7/17/2009 (5 years old)
Place: Equator, UGANDA
Status: Sponsored

Class: Top Class

Bridget lives with her grandmother, who has no job, but does substance farming. Bridget is not so healthy. She needs support for her health, educational and welfare as a whole.
Choose amount:

Remember! As Mama Africa, we can offer you a whole new system of communication with this child. This gives you more control of how your money is being spent and it also gives you a more personal relation to the child (and other children if you want to sponsor more than one). Please note that your sponsor money goes to the children. Administrative costs are covered from other sources.
Thanks to Jovia’s sponsor!

Name: Kunabampai
Gender: Girl
Born: Not Known (8 years old)

Information: Her Father died when she was young& her mother still Lives and in deep Poverty .Her Uncle that she was exposed to child labor as a house maid and as mentioned that she was always hit up as she did not do work perfectly compared to her age. Jovia has scars on her Body as they always bit her up with an electrical cable she managed to escape and the good Samaritan dropped her off to the Local council that knew of mama Africa and its functions. Jovia needs help.
Choose amount: $25 $50 ,,,,
Jovia is waiting for you! She stopped in Primary 2 but she loves studying be part of this orppotuinity of rescuing and Empower with education educating he

Donate $ 25 for a monthly medical and domestic support

Name: Maureen
Date of Birth:
Sex: female
Status: sponsored
Country/Nationality: muganda
Mother’s Name/Occupation: Mama Africa
Father’s Name/ Occupation: Mama Africa
Guardian/Occupation: Mama Africa


Maureen’s Parents are both living but separated with their Dad. her Mother is Originally from Congo after the wars that effected that country and by the time we got Maureen their Mother had left the country for greener pastures and left these kids with their step father who could not afford taking care of his own children and the step children though he desired and these two amazing children dropped out of school and began doing domestic work.
Maureen is amazing and incredible girl to have.

Thanks to her sponsor

First Name: David
Gender: Boy
Born: Not shure(8 years old)
Place: Mama Home
Class: p.1
Information: David’s parents are alive but very poor. And we believe that poverty derived the father of David to reject him and asked the Mother to take him out of the house if she real needed to stay married .his mother wanted to kill him to save her Marriage but to some point she did not and took David to an old lady who had nothing but at least he was safer with her and she gave out this Boy as a gift to the old woman The old woman named the boy SIMBIZI meaning “I don’t” Know!!!!!!!!! In Kinyarwanda.
The old lady past away and indeed nobody thought of his Future but God was,, Nobody thought he will survive as he was maltri-nutioned by the time we got him
Today David got a sponsor (October 2012) and will have uninteraptuted education Thanks to this Family to David we now see his future we believe he will be a very important person in Uganda.

Your prayers for David

Name: Patricia
Gender: Girl
Born:,,,,,,,,,,,,( 5 years)
Place: Mama Home

Patricia is so amazing despite the fact that she is coming from a very poor family.
Her dream is help old people as she always feel so sorry for the elderly who are sick.

Patricia is waiting on you

You can sponsor Patricia with $25a months and we advise you altleast to start with 3 months as they will be making a full school term for Patricia

First Name: feona Lukia
Gender: Girl
Born:,,,,,,,,,,,,( 15 years)
Place: Mama Home
School: N.H.S
Class: S.2

Fiona Lukia is 15 years in class very smart and very determined to change her past .
She is a slow speaker but open hearted when it come to children. Her Father died of HIV/Aids and her Mother worked as a military personnel who got nothing at her return home. Fiona grew up with a lady she knew as her Untie but mistreated her to a point that she just disappeared and moved day and night for 4 days and she was brought to us by the local authorities.

She mentions that she desires to be an corrupt Lawyer to defend Women who work hard to change their families lives but work for nothing at the end of the day ,,,,

Be part of this opportunity to change her life and bring her dream to pass

Fiona is waiting on you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

First name: Joyce
Gender: Girl
Born:24th /04/2002( years)
Place: Mama Home
School: primary school
Class: p5

Oth her parents are living but separated and her father is not known where he is leaving her mother with the other 8 siblings in the House.
She like Music and you can see her in our Video on YouTube (Sanyu’s restored life)

Joy Rebecca is waiting on you please be part of this great opportunity to change her life

Donate $ 25 for a monthly Education, medical and domestic support

First Name: Travour
Gender: Boy
Born:,,,,,,,,,,,,( 5 years)
Place: Community
Status: Sponsored

Trevor is so amazing despite the fact that she is coming from a very poor family.
He has not yet realized who he wants to be but you can,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Thanks to Trevor’s sponsor God bless you

First name: Hasifa
Age 15 years
School: Never
Status: Not sponsored

Hasifah has never seen or known about her biological parents or relatives
She had grown up with different people in the community .where she was asked to go and look for her relatives.

She has never been in school but she would desire to at least a vocational training skill for just one year

Hasifa is waiting on you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

$400 can support Hasiffa through the entire course, please be part of this opportunity

Name: Emmanuel
Date of Birth: 25th /12/2011                     
Sex: Male
School/Class: Infant
Status:  No support
Country/Nationality: Ugandan
Mother’s Name/Occupation: Abigail Gimbo
Father’s Name/ Occupation:

Emmanuel is a 3 months young who was born on the road after her mother being raped and gave birth on the road side as an outcome of his mother being sent away from Home.

Emma needs parental love and care .all domestic needs of a baby
Emmanuel in dare urgent need for help.

Donate $  25 monthly for Emma’s up keep and medical treatment

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